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Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what's your favorite childhood memory of summer?

I suppose going to Ohio for Girl Scout Camp tops the list. :P It was SO fun... I went with five of my other friends and some other girls I didn't know. The only adults there were two leaders who drove us to Ohio... and they were actually quite young. :)

We stayed up late in our tents playing truth or dare... told scary stories that weren't really that scary... xD We cooked our meals over a campfire....

The part I most remember is going down salt water rafting for the second time with my best friend and in the middle, some girls wanted to stop kayaking so we switched over... and they expected us to be able to stop on the left when we were all the to the right... and there were rapids. and it was our first time kayaking. xD; We weren't told we were going to stop soon for lunch. >__> It was sooo scary! But it was awesome! A cute lifeguard saved us. ;D haha

My best friend didn't enjoy it as much though. xD She never kayaked again. :)