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As Fruits Ripen...

The Days and Nights of Omgfruits

Hello! c: I'm omgfruits~! <3
I'm 16 (almost 17- less than two months away!) and a senior in high school once Summer break is over. :P I'm really into Japan and its culture. :D I've been studying Japanese for three years, but I won't be this school year so I'm sad. :( I'll be going to Japan next Summer though!! :D That is, if I get the money for it. xP
My friends all think I'm beautiful, kind, funny, honest, caring, smart... and who am I to disagree? xD haha~ I'm kidding. :P
I'm making this journal because... well... I've always wanted one! haha. :D Well, I want one at least for this senior year because this will be the best year of my life~! I can just feel it. :D
I've already started a few journals before... but they've all ended pretty badly. xP I stopped them after a few days. ^_^; I'm hoping this one will turn out better... I'm always on the computer anyways~! :D
Well, I don't mind if you read or not but please be polite~ c:
がんばるよ! >:D (Along the lines of "I'll work hard!") :D